Preschool Curriculum

We carefully plan our programs to reflect the changing developmental stages of children in each age group. We realize that a child's needs expand and progress as they grow, and we make certain these needs are met.


Our programs are designed to:

  • Provide sound developmentally appropriate methods for the all important separation process.

  • Promote each child's emotional, social and cognitive growth.

  • Provide readiness-building skills for future learning.

  • Integrate Jewish values and experiences throughout the program



Baby Steps: Ages Infants starting at 3 months 

The Baby Steps Program provides a warm, nurturing environment for this precious time in your child' life. The children follow their own sleep and feeding schedules. All programming is developmentally appropriate. The teachers provide nurturing, sensory experiences and physical contact through holding, rocking, talking and singing.

Beginning Steps:  Ages Toddlers 

Beginning Steps program is a well-balanced nurturing class embracing each child in an environment that revolves around their success in separation and independence. The children, in this program, take gradual steps towards group living. The Beginning Steps program emphasizes social development and cognitive development through sensory and large motor exploration. We integrate Jewish values, holidays and experiences throughout the program. (Available only at Beth Hillel)

More Steps: Age 2 years by September 1st

The children in our MORE STEPS classes embrace the many skills involved in achieving independence and take gradual steps toward group living. Separation is carefully planned so that it can be implemented in an optimum manner for the individual child. MORE STEPS emphasizes social development, cognitive explorations and an introduction to all the Jewish holiday celebrations.

Kadima (LET'S Go Forward): Age 3 years by September 1st)
KADIMA is an in-depth, engaging, well-balanced program, which blends social, cognitive, creative and structured, individual and group activities. The children are exposed to, and work on all the necessary skills within our early literacy and pre-math programs to prepare them for educational success. These are all integrated with the full celebration of Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Social development is highlighted, with an emphasis on problem solving as a means to social competency.

Bonim/Pre-K (Builders/Pre-K): Age 4 years by September 1st
Throughout their daily BONIM program, the 4-5 year old children delve deeper into the exploration of themselves, their classroom community, and the larger community of which they are a part. There is an emphasis on more extensive large and small group projects involving the children in meaningful cognitive and social learning. Combined with our multi-faceted early literacy and pre-math program our school ensures that the children are fully prepared for their future academic and Jewish journey. Over the course of the year we provide many opportunities for the families to come together as a community to celebrate Jewish holidays and events.

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